The Deco Gallery at Perfume Passage

January 28, 2021
Art Deco Sculpture

The Art Deco era has always been very special to us for its architectural and design elements perspective. The straight and smooth lines, heavy geometric shapes, streamlined and sleek forms creating the perfect balance in what we feel is the most glamorous time in our history.

Inside Deco Gallery

The goal of the Deco Gallery has been to transport visitors through time as means of experiencing the ambiance and majestic beauty of the 1925 Expo.

It is our goal to have visitors:

  • Feel inspired and stimulated by the Art Deco style of the room and artifacts.
  • Learn about perfumes and vanity items and their artistic style of the time period.
  • Experience the most glamorous era of the 20th century through perfumes and vanity items.

At Perfume Passage we hope to share the connections between perfume bottles and vanity items with the artistic and social trends of the time period.

Here is link to read an in depth article The Story Behind The Deco Gallery