Perfume Burners and Lamps

February 12, 2024
Early catalytic lamp

Thinking back to the 18th and 19th centuries, bad odors were everywhere -- no indoor toilets, no garbage pickups and no food refrigeration. So it actually makes sense that removing strong odors were a priority for hospitals, mortuaries and many households.

An answer to the everyday problem were Catalytic lamps. Once called effusion lamps and commonly called perfume lamps today, they were the perfect accessory item to help purify the air from bacteria and odors. They were first developed during the 18th century in Europe, and initially, the lamps were not decorative and the fragrances they emitted were not the most pleasant.

Robj Perfume Burner

Robj was a French company founded in 1908 by Jean Born. The company was a retailer and wholesaler, commissioning companies to create electric cigarette lighters, perfume and incense burners, electric lamps and decorative accessories.

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