Perfume Passage Journal

April 3, 2024
Digital Version of Journals

It's been five years since we opened our doors and what an exciting start for Perfume Passage! We're humbled by the positive feedback and responses from visitors with whom we've shared the collection.

This is one of numerous comments we received from our guests who toured the collection. "Thank you so much for sharing your out of this world collections with the public. I don't think a lot of people realize what a treasure you have and for you to be willing to share it like you do is overwhelmingly generous."

The collection continues to grow and our research and educational outreach have been one of our most rewarding endeavors. A key objective has been to share historical information on numerous categories and companies in the perfume and vanity industries through our printed publication, Perfume Passage Journal. Three issues are distributed annually (April, July and November). Over the past five years, we have published Journals with feature stories about Rudy Profumi, Robj, American Beauty, Made in Chicago, Rene Gruau, Ephemera, Paul Poiret's Rosine Perfumes, and most recently, Vantine's

You may access the digital versions of our Journals using the link below. However, there is nothing like reading the hard copy in full color, filled with historical information, exquisite photography and treasured items from our collection!

Read the digital versions or purchase printed copies of Perfume Passage Journals.