Perfume Solids

February 16, 2024

The history of solid perfumes can be traced to ancient Egyptian times when scents were often created using beeswax and fragrant oils. It's been said that Cleopatra concocted a mix of spices and oils, pouring them into ceramic amphoras that could be refilled and used again.

Throughout the centuries people learned that by melting plants and fragrant leaves into animal fat, pleasant aromas would develop, and the solids they formed could be "wiped" on the body. These early solid scents were also used for religious and healing rituals.

Solid perfumes were one of the "modern" innovations introduced in the 1920s as the first company to produce and sell solid perfumes was Molinard in 1925 with their "Concretas." They were composed of the genuine wax from flowers which made them very concentrated, unlike the early solids that were mixed with beeswax or other wax bases. 

They’re designed to be applied to your pulse points with a swipe of a finger. Typically most solid perfumes last about two to four hours, which is longer than many aftershaves, but not as long as most eau de parfums.

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A display of some of the Estée Lauder compact solid perfumes on display at Perfume Passage.