Serge Mansau - Artist and Perfume Bottle Designer!

March 28, 2024
serge mansau

In 2006, we met French artist and perfume bottle designer Serge Mansau. We were aware of his bottle designs, but not of him as the artist. We realize that others might not be familiar with Serge as the designer of bottles they love, yet they most likely own one or more of his creations!

We attended Serge's art exhibition, held at his gallery, which was part of his home, outside of Paris. Jean-Marie introduced us to him, and his wife Estelle and Serge talked with us about the art on display. We saw a variety of his art glass, perfume bottles and sculptures and chatted about the pieces. "I think he realized our passion for perfume bottles and designs but also realized that we weren't familiar with most of his work!" 

After the exhibition was over, he led us to a wall cabinet at the end of the room and opened the doors. "We'll never forget that first look behind the doors, as every bottle he designed over the years was on display on the shelves!"

In front of us were prototype and concept bottles that he started designing in the 1960s! "My eye was immediately drawn to Kenzo Pour Homme, as it's always been a favorite," said Jeffrey.

"We saw some bottles that were familiar to us, and we could see his eyes light up when we asked about his designs and inspirations behind some of his creations."

Serge told us that he would describe himself as a sculptor, as he considered his bottles to be mini sculptures.

He also confirmed the story about how he first met Helena Rubinstein when she hired him as an interior designer for her salons. He said she was impressed with him as a designer and really did challenge him to create a bottle design for her Skin Dew scent!

Helena Rubinstein SD1960
Skin Dew, 1960


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